Marshall LaFar

Profile Updated: June 19, 2012
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Residing In:
Gastonia, NC USA
Dottie Davis
Marshall, Jr., born 1973
Will, born 1977
Military Service:
Military Police  

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Max Grigg 18 weeks ago

Happy Birthday Marshall. Another year and hope things are going good for you.

Charles Dobbins 19 weeks ago

You are only a few months ahead of me,Keep going and I will try to catch up -------------Charles Dobbins

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School Story:

Johnny Long and I signed up for "Track" at fifth period, the last period of the day as you all remember. However, Johnny and I headed down 321 and shot pool at Dave's Pool Room (beside Black's Barbecue) every day at fifth period. We made it back into our homeroom--Ms. Fyne--five minutes before the bell rang. We never saw the track!

Johnny was such a bad influence on me.

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1957 Yearbook Picture
With hair!