In Memory

Joyce Davis (Swanson)

Joyce Davis (Swanson)

In Memory of

Joyce Ann Swanson

December 20, 1938 - September 24, 2019
Joyce Swanson passed away on September 24, 2019. Funeral Home Services for Joyce are being provided by Neptune Society Charlotte of Charlotte, NC.

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09/28/19 06:44 AM #1    

Gene Davis (Davis)

Every death of some one ikn our class saddens me. This lady's death particularily so. 

On the first day of my sophomore year i met Joyce. She sat in front of me in Louise McClure's homerroom. She woulkd do that again in each of my three years at Ashley. She became one of my closest freinds, conficants, and engourager. If one really knew Joyce you know how positive, upbeat and encouraging and loving she could be. If you knew her you cared deeply for her insight and joy of life. 

When i had any problem regardless of the situation i nearly always talked to Joyce early in the morning and early in the process of the hurt, pain, sorrow, fear,or ineptness  or any other of a young boy's life's struggles at sixteen. She always listened. She listened. She heard me. She listened, then she helped  sooth whatever the problem was. A grade i din'd get that i thought i deserved. A hateful remark by someone that either hurt me or made me mad. A spat with a girlfriend, a fight with a sibling, running out of gas and having to walk the rest of the way to shcool. Joyce was always there. 

When i joined the Navy just before graduation and had misgivings about my decision, Joyce told  me not to ask if i could change my mind and mentioned that "to serve your country is one of the greatest gifts you can have. Most of the people gokng on to college may not ever serve their country in the capacity you will"., Who knew that she, herself would join and serve in the military. Joyce loved this great country.

Louise McClure asked me several times in the two years Joyce and i were in her homeroom, to start the day off at school with a song. I sang several times in her class. One time our laziest boy in class made the comment that i was a brown-noser and Miss McClure's "little pet". This person was also known to fight a lot outside of school. Jimmy Brown said about this guy "he beat me up at the Y on night just cause he could". Skinny and short i was not about to say anything back to the guy. Joyce said, "Pay him no attention Gene. He can't make the grades you do and if Miss McClure asked him to stand in front of teh class and simply say his name he couldn't utter a word". Joyce was wise that way.

Over the years as our class had reunions, she always found me no matter where i was to catch up on things and make sure life was being kind to me. 

I never once thought of Joyce in an amorous way but i loved her. She was a kind, gentlel soul, one of my very best friends ever and I have cried and prayed for her and wished her well in Heaven. I will miss Joyce. 

Gene R. Davis 

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